Stigterstaal: Leading supplier of steel for the maritime industry

For more than 65 years, Stigterstaal has been the leading steel supplier for shipbuilders, ship repair yards and offshore fabricators, not just in the Netherlands but far beyond. Thanks to solution-driven working methods, a no-nonsense mentality, and shipbulding steel of superior quality (Grade A, DH36 and EH36), we have become a leading supplier of steel for the shipbuilding and offshore industry.

Certified shipbuilding steel

All the grades of steel that we supply are certified and comply with the applicable shipbuilding standards.

Europe's largest stock of shipbuilding steel

We hold Europe's largest stock of shipbuilding steel, making immediate delivery possible in every situation. That means that we're not frightened by orders that may at first sight seem impossible - quite te opposite!

We aim for the best solution

Stigterstaal prides itself on always aiming for the best solutions for its customers - we take the pressure off! We make all the transport arrangements - for example the necessary documents (including export), legalisations and so on - to every conceivable destination worldwide. Shot-blasting and painting are part of our standard service too.

Our products

Shipbuilding plates

Stigterstaal is the leading supplier of plate steel for the shipbuilding industry. We have an enormous stock - 30.000 tonnes, the biggest in Europe - making immediate delivery possible in every situation.

Bulb flats

Hardly any floating units are still built without the use of bulb flats (reinforcements). Bulb flats feature a good radius of the bulb and the side to be welded and the tolerance for the straightness and the surface.

Steel bars

Customers in the shipbuilding industry can rely on Stigterstaal’s stock of Grade A sections with Lloyd’s 3.2 inspection certificate.

Rectangular, square and circular sections

Via our sister company Impexstaal, we can supply steel box beams and hollow sections produced according to European standard EN 10219. The wide range of stock held by Impexstaal means that we can deliver immediately, including large orders.

Inverted angles

Stigterstaal is one of the few steel suppliers in the world with a large stock of Inverted angles. Immediate delivery is almost always possible or we can deliver larger qualities from rolling.

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