Construction plates

All required construction grades can be supplied in CSA grades as well as ASTM standards :

CSA G40.20/21
A 36M
260 W
A 131M – A/B/C
300 W
A 131M – AH32/DH32
35 W
A 131M – AH36/DH36/DH40
260 WT
A 283M – C/D
300 WT
A 572M – 50 -2
350 WT
572M – 60/65-3
A 573M – 58/65/70
350 A
A 588M – B
350 AT
A 656M – 50
A656M – 50

All above mentioned grades incl. impact tests Cat I, Cat II, Cat III or Cat IIII 

Through our worldwide network of heavy plate mills, Acier Stigterstaal Canada is able to supply all required CSA Grades according to CSA G40.21 standards. 

Ranging from 38W/260W and 44W/300W,  is used in general construction to 50W/350W, used in a variety of structural applications, but also 50A/350A which is an atmospheric corrosion-resistant weldable notch-tough steel plate . This grade is mainly used in structural applications such as bridges and buildings.

The following impact test temperatures ( categories ) are available :

CAT 1 (32°C)

CAT 2 (0°C)

CAT 3 (-20°C)

CAT 4 (-50°C)

In addition also the American equivalents can be supplied; ASTM A36, A131, A283, etc.



Customer service is one of the key drivers within our company and by that we are able to provide you with a tailor-made solution in order to create maximum flow in your project.

This includes warehousing, documentation, additional services like shotblasting and painting, project management, inspection as well as testing.

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